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Minimum pricing begins at :

95$ for dogs under 30 pounds 

 $115 for dogs 30 to 49 pounds 

 $140 for pups over 50 pounds.

$175 for pups over 75 pounds 

  Pups over 100 pounds are $2.00 a pound.[Effective 2023]

Doodle pricing is as follows: 

$100 under 20 pounds

$125 for 20 to 40 pounds

 $140 for 41 to 60. 

$160 for over 60 pounds. 

$180 for over 90 pounds. 

8 week appointments add $10

We provide can estimate over the phones.

 Because of the variety in breeds, sizes, coats etc., the price is an estimate only until we are able to visually assess your pet.

All of our services are priced with different things in mind; weight, coat type and condition, as well as your pets behavior


This package includes a bath, ears cleaned, nails, blow dry, brush out, finishing spritz.


This package includes the Bath package, along with trimming of the pawpads, feet, sanitary areas, and face.


This package includes the Bath package, along with a full body nose to tail haircut.

Creative Grooming

Want to add some adventure and extra personality to your pup? 

We offer chalk, temporary color, permanent color, glitter tattoos, bling, feather extensions, and more!


If Hounds Around Town has determined that the only humane thing to do is to shave your dog’s coat down, We will take the coat as short as necessary to get under the matting. This is usually a very short clip to removing all the matting allowing the skin to breathe again. After the groom your dog may show signs of skin irritations, sanitary area infections due to feces and urine being trapped against your pets skin, eye infections or other eye issues due to eye “gunk” and moisture being trapped so close the eyes and delicate skin near the eyes, bruising or sores due to matting and wet/dirty coat. Some dogs may itch, self-mutilate (scratch or bite themselves due to irritation the matting caused and cause bleeding) or have behavior changes after the groom. Ear hematomas can form due to the matting cutting off circulation to the ears. Some of these issues may require vet care at PET OWNERS expense.

Hounds Around Town, LLC

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